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Dr. B. G. Sharma was an internationally celebrated artist. His interviews have personified as a Torch guiding path to success through skillful work and have been a source of motivation for aspiring artists all around the globe.

In the past, he has been interviewed in the “Aap Se Miliye” talk show aired by the “Door Darshan” a popular News Channel in India, on 19.11.1973.

Also, interviewed by the Internationally famous the BBC, London on 10.10.1980 & was honored as the “GUEST OF THE WEEK”. This programme was also aired by the Udaipur Station of All India Radio on 15-1-1981.

“Reviews of Shri B.G. Sharma’s works was hosted by the Bombay Television where Dr. Sharma was invited as a dignitary to present his views on Indian & Contemporary Art Work.

Mr. Sharma was the only Indian artist whose painting was selected internationally for the “COW BOOK” published in New York in 1983.

Dr. Sharma’s 3 books namely, “FORM OF BEAUTY” (Krishna Leela) , “RAMAYANA” (Tale of gods & demons) & “LORD BUDDHA” were published globally by the MANDAL MEDIA.

Shri B.G.  Sharma was also invited by the Fiji Guru Shri Da for composition of a temple there.

Dr. B.G. Sharma’s painting style and its traditional art is studied at the Bard College, New York by Richard Davis (Professor of Religion and Asian Studies.

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